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Job Seekers Resort to Cosmetic Surgery in China

Job Seekers Resort to Cosmetic Surgery in China
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Job Seekers Resort to Cosmetic Surgery in China

A new report from Shanghai Time Plastic Surgery hospital indicates that many of China’s job-seeking hopefuls are resorting to cosmetic work that might give them an edge in the labor market.

The report shows that business began booming at the Shanghai hospital last November, and since then, its surgeons are performing as many as 100 cosmetic surgery procedures a day.

The mostly female clientele includes college students about to graduate and white-collar workers who have recently been laid off.

According to the hospital’s survey, 50 percent of the surgeries are indeed job-related.

For the most part, the Asian clients want faces that are smoother; cheekbones that are rounder; noses that are made higher and sharper; and anything else above the neck that gives them the desired perfect symmetry.

But using surgery to boost their chances for employment doesn’t stop there.

Some Chinese jobs include height requirements, which has lead a number of clients to pay thousands of dollars to have their legs lengthened – a painful procedure that involves breaking the legs and inserting steel pins into the bones.

If successful, this can make the patient up to three inches taller.

The Shanghai Time Hospital doesn’t offer this service, deeming it dangerous.

But Chinese labor laws don’t technically forbid discrimination based on appearance, and the Chinese personnel services firm includes more than two thousand job ads that mention physical requirements, such as weight and height.

Currently, the Chinese urban jobless rate is roughly 10 percent.

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Breakthroughs in Plastic Surgery

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