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Plastic Surgery a Cure for Migraines?

Plastic Surgery a Cure for Migraines?
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The permanent cure for the migraine headache may be here at last, and the method may surprise you.

Dr. Bahman Guyuron, a plastic surgeon in Cleveland, Ohio, may have found the breakthrough, using only his surgeon’s knife to stop the pain.

The migraine is a prolonged and intense pulsating headache – more common among women than men – that can lead to nausea and can last anywhere from hours to days. The pain can become debilitating and many sufferers find medication to be ineffective. They are often forced to withstand these headaches on a weekly or daily basis for years.

However, the approach Guyuron has taken is to remove the pain by cutting off its path. He makes incisions around the patient’s head that cut muscle and nerve tissue – thereby stopping the headache signal from reaching the pain center of the brain.

The doctor reportedly discovered this cure completely by accident nearly ten years ago while performing plastic surgery. Since that time, hundreds of migraine sufferers have undergone Guyuron’s treatment.

He claims a success rate of 92 percent, stating that 75 percent of those patients are cured completely. The others experience at least a reduction of migraine symptoms.

The doctor now offers a course in Cleveland every October, teaching the procedure to surgeons from around the world.

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Breakthroughs in Plastic Surgery

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