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What to do when your breast implants are TOO BIG!

What to do when your breast implants are TOO BIG!

With the increase in demand for breast augmentation procedures and the development and advancement of the types of breast implants available, a lot of women are opting to surgically enhance the size of their breasts. However, given the large increase in the number of breast augmentation procedures, the number of women who get breast implants that are too large for them is also increasing. It is not uncommon to find women who have had implants that are too large for their body and they later suffer from negative health consequences.

The Plastic Surgery Channel expert, Dr. James Grotting from Birmingham, Alabama discusses breast augmentation revision for the over-augmented breast.

Bigger isn’t Better when it comes to Breast Augmentation

featuredFor many years of women underwent breast augmentation with the misconception that bigger is better. While breast augmentation gave women the option to alter their appearance to achieve a desired look and also resulted in positive lifestyle changes, it also caused a trend to develop where women asked for breast implants in sizes larger than their bodies could handle.  The problem was further complicated as plastic surgeons were also willing to cater to their demands of patients and put in quite large implants. Breast augmentation with relatively large breasts did look good on a lot of women – for a period of time; however, long-term management of these patients require breast augmentation revision due to the weight and tissue effects of the large implant over time.

Consider the Long-Term Effects of Big Implants

While short term results are great, the problems of over augmented breast augmentation do not show up immediately, but over time
can cause significant health concerns. After time passes, the breast implant can put considerable amount of stress on the breast tissue. With the effects of gravity and weight the breast gradually drops on the chest wall and the tissues stretch out so that after a few years, the breast implants don’t look so good anymore. Also, a woman’s body undergoes many changes during her lifetime. She may have one or more pregnancy and may gain weight which would contribute to the sagging of breast downwards and to their weight being put on the chest wall.

The Solution to the Over-Augmented Breast

silicone breast-implantsDr. Grotting sees may patients for revision breast augmentation.  He explains that in spite of all the problems associated with over augmented breast augmentation, fortunately, today; there are a lot of surgical options and procedures that can act as solutions to this problem. The most common procedure that he uses is to simply remove the old implant and put in smaller and more appropriate implants through a short incision lift procedure. In case the patient has had a saline implant initially, the solution becomes simpler as the removal of saline from the implants is a very easy clinical procedure. All that needs to be done in this procedure is a needle needs to be inserted into the implant to evacuate the saline.

Dr. Grotting then allow the tissues to shrink up back on its own and leaves the breast to cure and lift up on its own over a period of 3 -4 weeks. A plastic surgeon can then go in a few weeks later for the definitive operation which would be removing the implant, lifting the breast and introducing a smaller and more appropriate implant, often times a silicone gel implant in patients that still need a little bit of size increase.

Dr. James Grotting practicing plastic surgery in Bimingham, AL is the author of a major two-volume textbook in Plastic Surgery entitled Reoperative Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery which has helped plastic surgeons around the world learn the latest techniques in cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery. He is board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and is a fellow of the American College of Surgeons. Dr. Grotting is a member of the prestigious American Association of Plastic Surgeons and the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. He is a known authority in the field of breast surgery.

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