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Breast Reconstruction: Skin Sparing Mastectomy Awareness is Surgeon's Mission

Breast Reconstruction: Skin Sparing Mastectomy Awareness is Surgeon's Mission

Breast reconstruction awareness is an LA surgeon’s mission. He says that cancer surgeries don’t always have to be disfiguring.

Woman_covering_breasts2_255x190A Los Angeles plastic surgeon is on a mission to raise awareness among politicians and breast cancer patients of a procedure called skin-sparing mastectomy.

Dr. Joel Aronowitz, founder of the Breast Preservation Foundation, recently visited the offices of several congressmen in Washington, DC, about the need to promote this technique. A skin-sparing mastectomy involves removing cancerous tissue from a woman’s breast by making the incision near the nipple. This leaves most of the breast skin in place, without scarring. Surgeons can then replace the missing tissue inside with implants, or with transplanted tissue.

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Dr. Aronowitz published a 2008 study finding that more than one-third of breast surgeons in his home state still do not use the skin-sparing mastectomy technique.

During his visit to the nation’s capitol, he explained how the procedure can effectively treat breast cancer without disfiguring the patient.

He also said many women avoid early screening for breast cancer because they’re afraid of having scars after an operation. But with the skin-sparing technique, scarring would be less of an issue.

As the health care debate rages on, Dr. Aronowitz told the congressmen that they should consider more health education programs that address breast cancer.

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