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Plastic Surgery for Teachers During School Breaks

Plastic Surgery for Teachers During School Breaks

Plastic surgery, or What I Did During Summer Vacation, is an essay more and more teachers can write.

surgery-operation-2While students in the United Kingdom likely spent their summer vacation trying not to think about school, many of their teachers are using the time off for cosmetic surgery.

Transform Cosmetic Surgery Group reports that more and more teachers are going under the knife. Transform, the largest cosmetic surgery company in the UK, reports a 103 percent increase of teachers getting procedures from 2008. This year, 4.4 percent of their customers have been teachers.

According to statistics, the most common procedure among teachers is eye bag removal. But they’re also getting face lifts, liposuction, rhinoplasty and breast augmentations.

We asked Dr. Patrick Mallucci, who practices in the UK, why he believes more teachers are choosing to have cosmetic procedures.

The recent report showed that ninety percent of teachers in the UK who choose cosmetic surgery have their procedure in July or August. The findings indicate they choose summer since it gives them time to recover before they stand in front of their students.

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