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Breast Reduction Surgery More Common among British Men

Breast Reduction Surgery More Common among British Men

Breast reduction surgery is a growing trend in the United Kingdom, surprisingly among men.

operation1We recently reported that breast reduction surgery is becoming more common among men in the Middle East. But, now it appears the procedure is gaining popularity among men in England as well.

Some surgeons call it a “moob job” – a procedure that reduces the size and flabbiness of male pectorals.

During the recent annual conference of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, presenters reported that male breast reduction surgery procedures have increased a thousand percent over the past five years. It’s currently the fifth most popular surgery among males in the UK, seen among men of all ages.

During the conference, surgeons speculated that since plastic surgery is now so common, a higher number of men are willing to request it on areas they had felt embarrassed about.

Earlier this summer, we reported that men in Dubai are 20 percent more likely to have breast reduction surgery then men in other regions. But the rising British trend could soon give the Middle East a run for its oil money.

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