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Swiss Hospital Denies American Medical Tourists

Swiss Hospital Denies American Medical Tourists

A Swiss hospital is denying American Medical Tourists due to fear of lawsuits.

swissZurich University Hospital, the largest hospital in Switzerland, is refusing to treat so-called “medical tourists” from America or Canada who want plastic surgery. The reason isn’t budget; it’s a fear of lawsuits.

Hospital representatives say the new policy applies only to U.S. and Canadian patients who want elective surgery, such as cosmetic procedures. Zurich University Hospital will continue to treat foreign patients with emergencies. But, regarding medical tourists, a recent statement from the hospital said the facility is, quote, “not prepared to risk astronomical damages or a massive increase in premiums.”

Medical tourism in Switzerland has a long history, reportedly going back as far as the 19th century. And the country’s medical tourist sector is said to be worth nearly a billion dollars a year. So, with this new policy, the financial effect of denying certain patients is yet to be seen.

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