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Neck Lift and Rejuvenation Providence

Neck Lift and Rejuvenation Providence

Neck Lift Rejuvenation Providence

Neck lift and rejuvenation!  Providence plastic surgeon  and  plastic surgery channel expert Dr. Patrick Sullivan weighs in on this topic, video plays in article below. Plastic surgery on a sagging neck is a multi-step process that is best handled by a board-certified surgeon.







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Can a neck lift rejuvenation work for me?

Though many people want plastic surgery to fix a sagging neck, Providence surgeon Dr. Patrick Sullivan is adamant that this problem isn’t the same in everyone. Surgeons are wise to address it on a very individual basis. Often it is a matter of pinpointing where fat has collected in this area, removing some of it and then reshaping the area appropriately.

“We did a study of over 100 MRIs to see where this fat usually collects in people,” Sullivan said. “And so sometimes, it’s pretty much underneath the skin. Sometimes, it’s under some very important muscles of the neck. We have to determine, pre-operatively, where this fat is and if we have to do something more than liposuction. Because liposuction is not the answer in so many patients.”

What is important for a patient to know about a neck lift and rejuvenation?

Consistently, he said, it is best to limit the amount of incisions in all patients. “We try to treat exactly what the problem is and make sure they don’t have problems afterwards,” he said. “Because so many people come to me – and they come from all over – and they have had liposuction that’s left them with a disaster in their neck.”

The needs vary, depending on factors such as age. Younger people have good skin elasticity and don’t require as much fat contouring. It is the older patients who need more contouring in the neck and jaw line area – and sometimes need excess skin removed. Fixing the problem, Sullivan explained, isn’t simply a matter of removing all the fat and then lifting facial skin.

“If you just lift skin, that’s going to stretch out in no time,” he said. “And that’s when people get this unnatural, stretched ‘plastic surgery’ look. I just want to be very careful for my patients that they have a natural look – that they didn’t have any neck lift  surgery and they just look great.”



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