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Veterans Now Offered Low-Cost Plastic Surgery

Veterans Now Offered Low-Cost Plastic Surgery

Veterans now offered the chance to have plastic surgery at a lower cost, thanks to a new program called Faces of Honor. Watch to find out more!

facial traumaA group of doctors has launched a national program that provides low-cost plastic surgery to injured war veterans.

The new Faces of Honor project is designed to give free consultation and discounted procedures to soldiers who sustained facial trauma in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.

Thousands of soldiers have suffered facial wounds from gunfire, explosions or vehicle accidents. And, some soldiers who use some government hospitals haven’t had access to plastic surgeons – but now they do.

The program was suggested in fall 2008, and more than 180 surgeons so far have volunteered to participate. Costs of these surgeries will either be paid for by veteran’s insurance or by donations raised by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

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