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Earlobe Lifts Increasingly Popular Among Women

Earlobe Lifts Increasingly Popular Among Women

Earlobe lifts are a new plastic surgery trend among women, but it doesn’t always involve a nip-tuck procedure. Watch now, on this week’s Plastic Surgery News.

earlobeSJust when you thought there were plastic surgeries to lift everything under the sun, along comes another: The earlobe lift.

The Daily Mail in the United Kingdom reports that more women are undergoing plastic surgery on their earlobes to make them appear rounder, smoother and more youthful.

Although an earlobe lift may be viewed by some as plastic surgery overkill – to be fair, earlobes can become unflattering as the years pile on. They age just like any other part of the face, and for women, they can sag and look well-worn because of earrings always dragging them down.

Patients who want to perk up the appearance of their ears can do so through a traditional nip-and-tuck lifting procedure that removes excess tissue and skin. Younger patients in their 30s whose ears droop only a little can opt for filler injections to plump up the lobe and give it a fresh look.

The price tag? A filler procedure costs $700 – $1,000 while an earlobe rejuvenation procedure runs about $1,800 for both ears, and is carried out under local anesthetic. Video plays below.

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