Breakthroughs in Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Conference Encourages Mingling, Marketing, Learning

Plastic Surgery Conference Encourages Mingling, Marketing, Learning

Plastic Surgery 2009 brings together doctors from across the globe with more than 300 companies in the plastic surgery industry for four days of mingling, marketing and education. The Plastic Surgery Channel reports on the happenings half-way through the event.

Plastic Surgery 2009 wrap up showPlastic surgeons are unique individuals. Part physician, part artist, they are in the business of improving patients’ lives by improving their appearance. Sometimes, the changes are borne from medical necessity, whereas other procedures are motivated purely by vanity, or at least a desire to look more desirable. This weekend, plastic surgeons from across the U.S. and around the globe have descended on Seattle, Washington to mix, mingle, and learn about the latest developments in the field at Plastic Surgery 2009, the annual meeting of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

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The Plastic Surgery Channel set up a satellite studio on the exhibit hall floor at the Washington State Convention & Trade Center to cover the action, and spoke with three doctors at the close of the second day’s events to get their thoughts on the conference.

“This is a great setting where we can get together, listen to people, make our comments, look at honest presentations, and then mingle,” says Dr. David Rapaport, a board certified plastic surgeon with a practice on 5th Avenue in New York City. Rapaport also noted that he was thrilled to run into a surgeon with whom he trained in general residency at Harvard more than 20 years ago.

“It’s very stimulating, the personal interaction with people that we’ve known for decades…but also that intellectual exchange,” he says.

Doctors had ample opportunity to mingle, as well as share ideas, insights and even dissent during several dozen panel discussions, scientific paper presentations, hot topic sessions, and instructional courses on everything from progressive rhinoplasty to partial breast reconstruction, ear deformities, body contouring and hand anomalies.

Dr. Mitchell Brown is one of the presenters for the Allergan Academy, a special after hours session on Saturday night, sponsored by Allergan, Inc.

“This is a purely educational three-hour session that really talks about techniques…how to minimize complications in breast implant surgery, and what [doctors] can do better to minimize complications,” explains Brown, who practices in Toronto, Canada.

Dr. Kevin Keller, who is attending the conference both as a member of the ASPS and as an exhibitor, embraces the opportunity to learn from the top practioners in the field.

“We can have the opportunity to go to a specifically designed course that is given and instructed by the experts in the country,” says Dr. Keller, who has a practice in Greer, South Carolina. He adds, “Hopefully, I’ll be able to learn something from the experts that will help me with my own patient care.”

In between sessions, he is at his exhibit booth marketing the Keller Funnel, a new device designed to make it easier for doctors to insert silicone gel implants during breast augmentation surgery and reduce the risk to the patient. The Keller Funnel was also on the roster for Friday afternoon’s most popular session, Hot Topics in Plastic Surgery, where it was introduced to the medical community by panel moderator Dr. Joseph Gryskiewicz.

“It was well received, so we’re very positive,” says Dr. Keller.

The conference continues through Tuesday and will close with an address by recognized heart and transplant lung surgeon, the Honorable William H. Frist, MD on The Future of Healthcare in America, followed by a gala event at Seattle’s Experience Music Project, with proceeds benefiting local food banks. The Plastic Surgery Channel will be taping interviews with doctors throughout the rest of the conference and broadcasting an online “wrap up” show at the conclusion of each day’s events.

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Breakthroughs in Plastic Surgery

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