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World’s First Plastic Surgeon Possibly Discovered

World’s First Plastic Surgeon Possibly Discovered

World’s first plastic surgeon may have been discovered – Susruta of Northern India could have been performing nose reconstruction as early as 600 B.C.

worlds first plastic surgeonA new exhibit in India offers the identity of what was possibly the world’s first plastic surgeon. The Science and Technology Heritage Exhibition in New Delhi includes evidence of a doctor who was alive around 600 B.C.

According to official records, the man’s name was Susruta, a surgeon who lived 150 years before Hippocrates – the Greek commonly known as the father of medicine.

Supposedly, Susruta was the pioneer of nose reconstruction in northern India. He is also speculated to have written a medical document called the “Susruta Samhita.” The text includes details about hundreds of possible operations, and more than 40 of them are surgical procedures. Video plays below.

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