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Botox Provides Chronic Pain Relief

Botox Provides Chronic Pain Relief

Botox provides chronic pain relief, but isn’t FDA approved for such use. Find out more on this week’s Plastic Surgery News.

Botox for painBotox has actually been connected to pain relief for several years, though it isn’t FDA-approved as a pain medication. But, this year’s American Society of Plastic Surgeons conference in Washington included a new study suggesting that Botox can alleviate some chronic pains on a long-term basis.

People usually treat chronic pain with medication, heat therapy, exercise or massage. But, in a recent experiment, eight patients with chronic pain received a monthly Botox injection for an average of nine months. After this, all eight patients reported significant pain relief that lasted up to 17 months.

Botox injections prevent the appearance of wrinkles by preventing facial muscles from contracting. So, it’s reasonable to imagine this drug can stop chronic pain in other parts of the body by relaxing the muscles there. Video plays below.

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