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Plastic Surgery: Facial Rejuvenation Fights Aging, Flaws

Plastic Surgery: Facial Rejuvenation Fights Aging, Flaws

Plastic surgery known as “facial rejuvenation” helps patients look better than they did in younger days. This video, featuring Dr. Patrick Sullivan, explains how.

Plastic Surgery WomanPatients from Poland and other areas in Northern Europe often have the same complaint about their appearance, says Dr. Patrick Sullivan. “The feel like they are too cheeky. Their lower face is too small.”

For these patients, Dr. Sullivan recommends keeping their ethnicity intact, but balancing out the face by filling out the lower face and moving the tissue up while removing some of the tissue from the problematic cheek area.

Many times, Dr, Sulivan says looking young is not the end goal for his patients. “They’ll say, I really don’t want to look like I looked when I was 20, I want to look better.” For these patients, Dr. Sullivan recommends sitting down with pictures of themselves, and discussing what they like and dislike about their look so that the surgeon can help them achieve the look they want.

But before you embark on any surgery, it’s important to find a surgeon that is not only experienced, but experienced in the particular area of surgery that you want done. Find out how many surgeries your prospective doctor does on a yearly basis, ask for before and after pictures of other patients, and someone who shows that they have an artistic sensibility. “It’s an area where you probably don’t want to price-shop,” says Dr. Sullivan. “But you want to make sure you get the best result.”

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