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Awake Breast Augmentation-Indianapolis Indiana-Dr Van Natta

Awake Breast Augmentation-Indianapolis Indiana-Dr Van Natta

Breast  Augmentation is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures.  It is also one of the most  heavily marketed procedures and one of the most misunderstood procedures.   Awake breast augmentation  has been promoted as  being a cheaper alternative, but Dr. Van Natta from Indianapolis, Indiana and  Dr. Caroline Glicksman explain that this is potentially a dangerous approach.

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Perhaps more alarming is the  claims that awake breast augmentation allows   the patient to participate in the selection  of implant size during the procedure.  This is also a fallacy and  is contradictory to what the  world breast experts like  Dr Glicksman teach their patients everyday – including that actually  measuring the breast and doing what is known as  “tissue based planning” where an implant  that “fits” that patient’s breast has been scientifically proven to  produce better and safer patient outcomes.  The  notion that a patient can actually make any reliable judgment while under IV sedation and  draped on an operating room table is also misleading, unproven, and dangerous.

An article in the NY Times in 2010 entitled  Awake for Breast Implants? If You Wish reported on this technique that has  recently been hyped and marketed.  Drs.  Bruce Van Natta  and Caroline Glicksman expert surgeons and  Medical Advisory Board Members and co-chairs of the Breast Committee for The Plastic Surgery Channel discuss AWAKE breast augmentation and  describe several potentially dangerous and concerning aspects of this technique that  patients should know about.

Lastly the when seeking a breast augmentation make sure to  do your homework, seek a board certified plastic surgeon who has special expertise in breast surgery and make sure your surgeon has hospital privileges to perform breast augmentation as this is another good safety measure for patients to confirm.

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