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Skin Resurfacing Meridian Mississippi Dr Elliott

Skin Resurfacing Meridian Mississippi Dr Elliott

Plastic Surgery Channel expert Dr. Mark Elliott  from Meridian, Mississippi talks about the emerging technologies in the field of skin resurfacing.

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Our skin is exposed to many environmental factors and chemicals that cause it to deteriorate. Over time, sun exposure, wind, dust and cosmetics ruin the top most layer of the skin making it look dull and lifeless.  Skin resurfacing is a combination of techniques, one or all of which are used to basically remove the top, dull layer of the skin and allow the new layer of skin to heal and form good scar tissue.

Dr. Elliott,  board certified plastic surgeon from Meridian Mississippi explains that the biggest problem is that people come in for a procedure with the expectation that the procedure will last just a few minutes and they will have no downtime and can go home the very same day. With such unreasonable expectations, it is difficult to be able to deliver the best results. Dr. Elliott’s approach is usually to talk to the patient and to figure out what the patient’s original problem was and diagnose the same and figure out the best course of action. This might be dermabrasion, chemical peel or laser resurfacing and then he tries to find a solution that will fit their problem as well as be able to work around their schedule so that he can provide the most satisfactory solution to the patient.

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