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Breast Augmentation Revision New Jersey

Breast Augmentation Revision New Jersey

Breast Augmentation Revision. New Jersey board certified plastic surgeon and co-chair of the breast section of, Caroline Glicksman MD discusses what you need to know about breast augmentation revision.



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What happens if the patient is unhappy with the results and  needs a breast augmentation revision?

Roughly 3 Million women each year choose to have breast augmentation.   Within four years of the original procedure, nearly 25 to 33% of those patients will need or desire revisional breast surgery.   The most common reasons for breast implant revisions include:

  1. Changing the implant size.  In some cases, there is a change in size or shape of the breasts after surgery.   This could simply be from selecting an implant that is too small or large for your body in the first place.  Breast sag, implant displacement and symmastia can occur.
  2. Improving the natural feel and appearance of the breasts.  Loss of integrity of the implant shell or problems with the implants themselves can cause significant changes in the way the breasts looks and feel.   Normal activity or an injury to the breast can damage the implant, causing it to leak, deflate, or rupture.  Over time, the implant may harden, develop ripples, shift position, or change shape. Implant asymmetry with one breast higher than the other or uneven with other side can occur.  A surgeon may have placed an implant under very thin skin or a very thin gland, which can lead to complications such as visibility, palpability (the ability to feel the implants), or rippling which is visible to you and/or your friends.
  3. Correcting capsular contracture.  This condition occurs when scar tissue forms around the breast implant surface.   It can cause hardening of the breast tissue, rippling in the skin of the breast, and changes in the shape of the breast. It may also be painful.

What should a patient know?

If you decide to go to another plastic surgeon to fix your implants, Dr. Glicksman suggests you do the following so you don’t make the same mistakes twice:

  1. Research your doctor carefully.  Use only a board-certified plastic surgeon.
  2. It is also useful to collect your old medical and device records.  This may be very helpful to your plastic surgeon who must first identify possible causes before she or he is able to correct the specific problems.
  3. Finally, don’t look for a short-term fix or an easy, cheaper answer.  Most of the time tough decisions will need to be made as well as some tradeoffs if you are looking for a long-term, beautiful results from your breast augmentation revision.
Breakthroughs in Plastic Surgery

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