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Facial Fillers Basics

Facial Fillers Basics

Dr. William P. Adams Jr., chief medical officer for The Plastic Surgery Channel conducts a live PS Talk Interview with Dr. Haideh Hirmand on facial fillers from the patient perspective.

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Facial fillers are  one of the most commonly requested procedures in Plastic surgery.  There are different type of fillers including juvederm, restylane and radiesse.  These products provide volume to the face.  We know that a primary component to  facial aging is the loss of volume.  Facial fillers  restore this  volume and in turn  help rejuvenate the face giving a fresher, younger look.  Not  all patients come into their plastic surgeon with the  same complaint.  Some may  say they  have a “tired look” and other may  say they have a “hollow look” to  a certain area of the face such a s the eyes.

Filler  injections are relatively painless and  are easily performed in the office.  Interested patients should look for a  Board Certified Plastic Surgeon to  discuss the  filler that may work best for them

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