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Breast Lift Mastopexy Indianapolis Indiana

Breast Lift Mastopexy Indianapolis Indiana

breast lift resultBreast Lift Mastopexy

Plastic Surgery Channel expert Dr. Bruce Van Natta talks about breast lifts / mastopexy in Indianapolis, Indiana.

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What exactly is a breast lift/mastopexy?

As a member of The American Society of Plastic Surgeons and The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Bruce W. Van Natta,M.D. has expertise in a variety of cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgery procedures.

This is a commonly requested procedure that is often misunderstood. Generally when a woman has excess skin around the breast often after pregnancy or weight loss, the breast size has reduced and there is a lot of skin around the area. This can be viewed as a deflation effect in the breast and the treatment for this would be to conduct an operation to remove some of that excess skin. Following pregnancy many women feel that their breast deflate, loose volume and become saggy. Dr Van Natta has been in practice for 20 years in Indianapolis, Indiana. Breast lifts / mastopexy have been one particular area that Dr Van Natta has specialized in his practice.

Who needs a breast lift/ mastopexy?

Dr. Van Natta finds that a lot of times women come in thinking that they need a breast implant or breast lift/ mastopexy when they that would not automatically be the right procedure for them. At times like this, it is important to sit down with the patient and really understand what their goals are in terms of how they want to look and appear without involving names of procedures and technical terms. Sometimes after such consultations, the surgeons can determine that all the patient really wants is a little more fill in the upper part of the breast and this can be achieved easily with an implant. Really taking the time to talk to patients and asking to see before and after pictures can help a surgeon understand what the patient’s goals are and allow them to do the right procedure. Seeking consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon is the 1st important step in patients getting the best outcome with breast lift / mastopexy. Asking questions and also talking to other patients who have use the same surgeon for a breast lift/ mastopexy can be helpful.

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Breakthroughs in Plastic Surgery

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