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The Keys to an Excellent Facelift

The Keys to an Excellent Facelift

The keys to an excellent facelift are outlined by Dr. Lou Bucky, a board certified plastic surgeon with Facelifts are one of the most popular and heavily marketed facial procedures, but there are several important things an interested patient should know.

What is  important to know for a patient who wants a facelift?

Face Lift Before and After Dr BuckyDr. Bucky has extensively researched facial aging and has developed techniques that enhance natural appearances after cosmetic surgery. He says anyone considering a facelift needs to understand how your skin changes with age, and “the keys to an excellent facelift are understanding the [following] three components and treating them individually.”
The first change is a loss of elasticity to the skin. Elasticity problems need to be treated with things that improve elasticity; dermabrasion, peels or lasers.

Volume loss is a Key Problem a facelift needs to address

The second change is a loss of volume or deflation.  Bucky says, “Deflation problems need to be treated with things that improve volume, typically your own fat or sometimes other fillers.”

When deflation happens everything starts to drop and that leads to third change, gravitational descent.  According to Bucky, “Gravitational descent is the third component in aging and needs to be treated with a lifting procedure, some sort of anti-gravity approach.”

Dr. Bucky says, “When all three are performed appropriately, that usually ensures a good aesthetic result.” The final key is a quick and easy recovery.  “When all that is put together, you should come out with a result that looks refreshed, balanced, younger and not surgical.”

Plastic Surgery Channel facial expert Dr. Patrick  Sullivan commented,  “Facelifts when  performed properly can  result in some of the happiest patients;however, when patients are lured into procedures driven by marketing that  do not address all the facial aging components big issues are  often seen.”

As always, interested patients should ensure their surgeon is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery when considering a facelift.

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