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Live Breast Augmentation Surgery Documented for Dallas Surgeon

Live Breast Augmentation Surgery Documented for Dallas Surgeon

Renowned breast augmentation expert Dr. William P. Adams Jr from Dallas, Texas is an invited expert faculty member for the 28th annual Atlanta Breast Symposium.

Live Breast Augmentation surgeon Dr William Adams Jr. What will be  happening at the  breast augmentation symposium?

Dr. Adams and his team will be bringing one of their own patients from Dallas to Atlanta for a live surgical demonstration in breast augmentation.  Dr. Adams says that he is very excited about attending the prestigious meeting and looking forward to educating surgeons on the next level of expertise in breast augmentation procedures.  Recently there has been news reports of breast augmentation procedures carrying a greater than 25% re-operation or re-surgery rate.  Dr. Adams states that this is a misnomer when breast augmentation is practiced with the advanced techniques; the same techniques he will be educating the Atlanta Breast Symposium attendees about this weekend.  “Using the Process of Breast Augmentation,” he says, “our scientific publications have demonstrated a re-operation rate of less than 3% and optimized patient outcomes.

Viewers interested in breast augmentation information should stay tuned to The Plastic Surgery Channel for upcoming programming and information.

Viewers should stay tuned for reports and live patient interview’s at the Atlanta Breast Symposium in the operating room and following surgery.  The Plastic Surgery Channel will attend and bring you the experience of the patient providing first hand experience during the breast augmentation procedure.

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