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Not Your Mothers Facelift – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Not Your Mothers Facelift – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

“Today’s facelift is not your mother’s facelift” says Philadelphia, Pennsylvania plastic surgeon Dr. Louis P. Bucky.  He says, what patients want today is very different from what women wanted twenty or thirty years ago when facelifts became popular. “The goals of patients today are to look natural, not surgical and to have a recovery that’s easy, not uncomfortable.  We’ve been able to achieve those goals through advances in both technology and a better understanding of aging,” says Bucky.

By Louis P. Bucky, MD
and Carolynn Grimes

Understanding the Aging Face

“Specifically, when we look at the face today we understand the aging face has skin elasticity issues, volume The Aging Faceloss, as well as gravitational changes. Our mother’s facelift used to try to accomplish all three aspects by pulling the skin tighter.  Today, we know better,” explains Bucky.

Bucky says, “Today we treat elasticity problems with lasers and peels and we treat volume loss with fillers and fat augmentation. That only leaves the gravitational component to the lift.”  By treating the facelift as a process with two of the components being non-surgical, it allows plastic surgeons to do less surgery, giving the patient a more natural look.

Advanced Facelift Technology Means Quicker Recovery

In addition to a more natural result, Bucky says recovery will be easier and quicker using this less invasive process.  “By doing less surgery or dissection, and using instruments and techniques that are less invasive, it allows a patient to look refreshed and feel better in a shorter amount of time,” says Bucky.

Most facelifts today do not require an overnight stay in the hospital.  Bucky says most facelifts will allow patients to be back in the world in seven to ten days, and those same patients will feel good being in social situations at fourteen days and beyond.

If you’re ready to move forward and look into a facelift, make sure you visit with a board certified plastic surgeon.  Find a surgeon that has performed numerous facelifts and has before and after pictures of patients that have similar issues as yourself and look natural, not surgical.

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