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Top Three Hottest New Technologies in Plastic Surgery

Top Three Hottest New Technologies in Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgery procedures today are all about getting results quicker and easier than ever before. From non-invasive fat removal to no longer sweating; it’s now possible with state-of-the-art technology. Jason Pozner, a board certified plastic surgeon from Boca Raton, Florida reports on the hottest new technology available today.

By Carolynn Grimes
and Jason Pozner, MD


Contact Free Fat Removal

BTL-VanquishPozner- “This device by BTL’s Vanquish uses radio frequency to reduce fat without ever coming into contact with your skin.

Mona Greene, Sales Consultant – BTL/Exilis “This is tuned solely to impede fat, so we are reducing fat and not affecting skin or muscle.”

Pozner- Is there any pain?

Greene- “There’s no pain; the patient will feel warm but comfortable.  It takes about four 30-minute sessions.”


Have a tattoo you’re not too fond of anymore?

 Tired of my tattooPozner- “You may want to know about the Picosure Laser by Cynosure.  Doug, tell us about this new device…”

Douglas Delaney, VP of Sales – Cynosure – “It’s a Picosure laser and it delivers energy about a hundred times faster than previous types of lasers to break up tattoos. We are able to do tattoos in about half the treatments of what we used to be able to do.”

Pozner- “This has also shown to have dramatic results in acne scarring. The results I saw were unbelievable, if the laser works this well for acne scaring, I’ve got to have it in our practice.”



A New Way to Stay Dry

Underarm-sweatingPozner- “Think about it, no more deodorant and no more chemicals. If underarm sweating is bothering you, this device may help. It’s called Miradry which uses microwave technology. So instead of just heating up your coffee in the microwave, this is another application of this energy source.”

Pozner- “You numb up your armpit- and the machine goes zip, zip, zip… It kills all of the sweat glands, all of the odor glands and it kills all of the hair follicles.  It only takes about two treatments. The first treatment probably knocks out about 80 percent of the sweat glands; you come back two months later for a second treatment. I’m ready to rock and roll with this!”



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