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Liquid Rhinoplasty

Liquid Rhinoplasty

Don’t like your nose? For those of us who aren’t too fond of our humps, bumps and crooked noses, there’s now a procedure that’s getting a lot of praise from patients; the liquid rhinoplasty.

By Carolynn Grimes

A liquid nose job is another name for putting a little bit of filler into the nose to change the contour of the nose without surgery,” says Dr. Caroline Glicksman, a board certified plastic surgeon from New Jersey. Dr. Glicksman has been using this procedure on a handful of her patients that are bothered by the look of their nose, but not enough to want to go forward with surgery. These patients say they love their new look and don’t mind the occasional trip to the surgeon’s office for injections.

Bring Your Nose into Balance with Injectable Fillers

“By using these injectable techniques you can bring the nose back into balance,” says Dr. Clifford Clark, a board certified plastic surgeon from Orlando, Florida. In addition to the common hump or irregularity in the bridge of the nose, Clark says, “Often times the tip of the nose droops and with the right injection you can create a little more projection and definition to the tip and disguise the fact that it’s drooping.”

"Before and After Rhinoplasty"

These surgeons say it’s all about picking the right patient and just the right amount of filler. “Filler swells a little bit so you have to be very cautious— add and watch, add and watch, while the patient is looking in the mirror,” says Glicksman. “It’s truly amazing  to get a before and after picture of a nose with a curve and then a straight nose, all in 10 minutes.”

Magic bullet?

Dr. Geoffrey Keyes, a specialist in rhinoplasty surgery from Los Angeles says there can be depressions, humps or irregularities that really don’t need surgery. However, Keyes says, “It’s not a magic bullet;  if you have a significant cosmetic problem, it may be time to visit a board certified plastic surgeon.” For those patients who are seriously considering rhinoplasty surgery, a liquid nose job may be a good way to get an idea of what you might look like after surgery.

Glicksman reminds her patients that the procedure is  just an illusion. “They will have to come back for periodic injections and it does make the nose slightly bigger.” But for those patients looking for a non-surgical procedure with little to no downtime, a liquid nose job may just be the answer.

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