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Aging Gracefully with Injectable Procedures

Aging Gracefully with Injectable Procedures

Many patients remain skeptical about non-invasive injectable procedures after witnessing the various horror stories covered by the mainstream media. Filler face, overly done Botox… Hollywood and the media love to show prime examples of poorly done plastic surgery, but where are the patients with good outcomes? INVISIBLE! Dr. Jackie Yee of Miami, Florida discusses the sensationally positive results that can be found with the proper use of injectables.

By Jackie Yee, MD
and Adam McMillon

Dealing with Age… Why do I feel like I no longer look like myself?

As time moves forward, the toll taken by life on the body makes itself more and more apparent. The constant pull downward of gravity, rays from the sun and the wear and tear of facial skin from the numerous expressions we make every day slowly culminate to a loss of volume in the face and wrinkling of the skin. “Patients come in often not being able to pinpoint exactly what it is that is making them look older, or where it is that they’d like to look better, ” says Dr. Yee. “By looking at pictures and discussing the classic areas of the face that see a decline with time, I can help my patients understand what is happening where, and how we can go about fixing it.”

While at some point a face lift may be the strongest option, injectable fillers are continuing to gain popularity due to the ease of the procedure and their ability to produce dramatic results. Botox, Juvederm and Restylane stand out as the popular choices to inject into areas of the face in order to add volume here, and eliminate wrinkles there.

Proactive injectable use can keep pace with the aging process!

“One thing that I’ve found is utilizing injectable procedures at younger ages can produce a more lasting result that maintains a healthy, beautiful look as time goes by,” says Yee. “It’s difficult to treat a patient in his or her 60’s with injectables after never having work done before, but by being proactive and treating a patient in their 30’s and 40’s using less product, the effects of time can be chipped away in an elegantly controlled manner.”

Perhaps at 40 you have a few wrinkles here and there. A skilled plastic surgeon can address these problem areas with a little bit of filler or Botox and return a vibrant look to your persona with ease. Having the non-invasive procedure done in this way allows for small hurdles to be tackled as they come, instead of trying to refresh an appearance covered with a variety of problems over the course of 50-60 years. Used with precision, restraint and a deep understanding of human anatomy allows for refreshing results.

How come I never see anyone with positive results?

The answer to this question posed by many who see Hollywood horror stories is pretty straightforward: you don’t notice injectable procedures with positive results because they are done so well! “My top priority is to utilize injectables, and surgical techniques, to help patients to look the best that they can look,” says Yee. “This philosophy is grounded in the idea that great plastic surgery is unnoticeable; you know someone who looks fantastic, you don’t know someone who looks like they’ve had plastic surgery! Injectables have made an incredibly positive splash on non-invasive plastic surgery procedures to keep middle aged and older patients aging gracefully.”


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