$100,000 dollars of plastic surgery has made one Justin Bieber fan the one true “Belieber”

$100,000 dollars of plastic surgery has made one Justin Bieber fan the one true “Belieber”

The Plastic Surgery channel has discovered he who may be the greatest Justin Bieber fan of them all. Toby Sheldon, a 33-year-old LA resident, has spent 5 years and $100,000 on plastic surgery to transform himself into his hero, the Bieb.  See what The Plastic Surgery Channel experts say about this doppelganger transformation!


Toby_Sheldon_Justin_Bieber_lookalike_before_and_afterMr. Sheldon has taken being a “Belieber” to new heights… and brought his bank account along for the ride. This is not John Travolta switching faces with Nicholas Cage to save the world, which is ridiculous enough as a movie plot. Mr. Sheldon dropped 6 digits to make himself look like the young pop star. Who said the Bieb was good looking anyway?

While crafting his face to resemble the Bieb, and showering the world with his even-footed, mature decisions, Mr. Sheldon has done little but continue the stigma that plastic surgery is a land inhabited by weak-minded clowns, and shady surgeons willing to fulfill any patient’s desire. Admittedly, well-done plastic surgery isn’t quite as newsworthy as transforming yourself into a pop star fad that’s circling the drain. Utilizing surgical and non-surgical techniques, board-certified plastic surgeons can implement changes that, more times than not, go unnoticed by the vast majority of people in your life.

The mark of a great plastic surgeon is melding results with your natural appearance, delivering a newfound burst of self-confidence as you age.

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