PSC-TV Airs Newest Plastic Surgery Talk Show

PSC-TV Airs Newest Plastic Surgery Talk Show

The Plastic Surgery Channel recently began airing their newest round of talk shows in major television markets across the country. The 30-minute show features PSC’s board certified plastic surgeons sharing their expert analysis and passionate point-of-view in a look-live studio setting filmed at Mercury Studios in Dallas, Texas.

These latest 30-minute programs cover a broad range of plastic surgery news, including lively debates and patient stories.  From celebrity news, to the most up-to-date trends in plastic surgery, you’ll learn credible information from some of the worlds most prestigious, board certified plastic surgeons.

Catch PSC-TV in your area soon…

You can watch PSC-TV in the following major TV markets: New York City, Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, Seattle, Orlando, West Palm Beach, and St. Louis.

PSC-TV has had tremendous success boosting the channel’s overall brand message while delivering additional exposure to local markets for PSC members.  Founder and CEO of ThePlasticSurgeryChannel.comDr. William P. Adams Jr., says, “We know patients are tired of  misinformation on TV and the internet,  PSC-TV offers an entertaining look at what’s hot in plastic through the eyes of the world’s most trusted experts in plastic surgery.”

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