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How Foreign Are Breast Implants In The Body?

How Foreign Are Breast Implants In The Body?

The notion that breast implants feel like a foreign object in the body often stands as one of their biggest drawbacks. Why, then, do over 95% of the millions of women who have implants disagree? Dr. William P. Adams Jr., a board certified plastic surgeon from Dallas, discusses the topic and how it may lead potential patients astray.

By: William P. Adams Jr., MD

HappyWomanInField1There are two solid facts when it comes to the debate on a foreign object in the body, such as breast implants.

  1. Breast implants are indeed foreign objects.
  2. All patients are aware of this and over 95% don’t appear to have any issue with it!

Would-be breast augmentation patients must realize that the choice of surgeon is of highest priority when it comes to this procedure. By consulting with a board certified plastic surgeon, a patient will undergo rigorous goal-setting and measuring in order to have the best possible result.

What is the best possible result? The achievement of a patient’s goals, which generally include a boost in self-confidence and rejuvenation of life. The same achievement lies behind the reason why 95% of patients are happy that they made the decision to get implants.

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