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A Better Breast Reduction with Fewer Scars

A Better Breast Reduction with Fewer Scars

Breast reduction can offer some of the most profound changes to a woman who suffers from back and neck pain, clothes that don’t fit and psychological stress. Even so, many would-be patients are reserved about the procedures, because as much as they want to reduce their breast size, they worry about the scars that normally come with the procedure.

Dr. Stafford Broumand, a board certified plastic surgeon from New York City, offers his take on breast reductions. Dr. Broumand’s interest and excitement for the procedure comes from his ability to perform a breast reduction with very minimal scarring.

By: Stafford R. Broumand, MD
and Adam McMillon

Breast Reductions for a Better Life

Women who have large breasts often carry around more than just weight. Back pain, bra strap pain, psychological stress and even neck pain are common ailments that afflict women with overly large breasts.  Opting for a breast reduction can greatly, if not completely, eliminate those problems. The drawback, however, is the likely-hood of noticeable scars on the breasts following a breast lift operation. Is it worth it to feel better at the cost of scarred breasts?

wp2Dr. Stafford Broumand is a board certified surgeon who specializes in making breast reduction scars as faint and hard-to-see as possible, while still getting “life-changing” results from the procedure. “Breast reduction is a big part of our practice and it’s evolved,” says Broumand. “I trained in France and the breast has a special place in French culture. They are more comfortable being topless, so it’s important to have a breast reduction or lift with minimal scarring. With that training, it influenced my approach to breast reduction surgery to strive for minimal, faint or even invisible scars.

What if My Breasts are Too Big? Am I Destined for Scars?

Some patients believe that because their breasts are so large, there will have to be major changes done during the procedure in order to correct them and in turn, larger, more pronounced scars. “I’ve refined the procedure so that we get very minimal scars even with great volume reduction,” says Broumand. “We have wonderful outcomes with breast reduction surgery of any size breasts with minimal scars.”

Dr. Broumand uses a special stitching technique that helps to hide the scar around your nipple and areola. “We use a lollipop incision where the scar is hidden at the edge of the areola and a faint line that goes underneath,” says Broumand. “We can do a massive reduction, a moderate reduction, or even a lift with an implant to give the patient a great form and a great shape. After fine tuning this, we have found that any size breast can have a breast reduction with a lollipop incision.”


The Happiest Patients

Breast lift patients find the pain and anguish of having all of that weight on their chest to be relieved by a breast lift procedure. Having it done with only minimal, faint scars can only lead to an even further improved psychological result. “The ultimate outcome is that patients are ecstatic,” says Broumand. “When waiting to undergo the operation, patients will reschedule or postpone their surgeries, worrying about the incisions… they’re reluctant. The outcome, however, is so positive for them. Less back pain, neck pain, bra strap pain, smaller breasts, they fit into their clothing… It changes their lives, and they are our happiest patients.”

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