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Toe Liposuction? Kim Kardashian Takes Surgery Over a Different Sized Shoe

Toe Liposuction? Kim Kardashian Takes Surgery Over a Different Sized Shoe

The lovely Kim Kardashian can’t stay out of the media for long, and neither can her plastic surgery exploits. The most recent rumor involves liposuction, which seems fairly typical per her usual adventures in the OR. What makes this rumor special is the area in which miss Kardashian had liposuction: her toe. Dr. William P. Adams Jr., a board certified plastic surgeon from Dallas, looks into the unheard of toe liposuction procedure, and why exactly it’s unheard of.

By: William P. Adams Jr., MD
and Adam McMillon

stiletto_heels_3Apparently, Kardashian had toe liposuction in order to have her heels fit better for her wedding. No need to take the shoes back for a different size, toe liposuction would be much easier! “First of all, you don’t have fat in your toe,” says Dr. Adams. “The idea of using liposuction in an area without fat is preposterous.”

The article recounting Kardahshian’s latest foray with surgery notes that “doctors have a special tool to perform liposuction on the toe.” Adams, a plastic surgeon who utilizes liposuction regularly, was found flummoxed. “There’s no tool for this. There’s no scientific basis for this story.” Whether the child of the rumor-mill or truth, the idea that Kardashian had liposuction performed on her toe is outrageous for plastic surgeons and their patients, and rightly so.

Further tarnishing the name of cosmetic surgery, Kardashian has been a poster child for why liposuction often has a bad rap in the media and, even worse, why confusion about the procedure continues to be perpetuated. Liposuction is an elegant procedure involving the removal of a portion of fat in an area of the body. While that may seem exactly what the media would have you believe, the difference is that the fat removed is a small amount. Obesity issues have no relation to cosmetic surgery; bariatric surgery is for people looking to remove drastic amounts of fat. Liposuction, when used correctly, works to remove smaller pockets of fat in patients who need a minimal reduction in areas such as the thighs, abdomen and love handles. Liposuction is often used in conjunction with a tummy tuck procedure in order to further contour a woman’s abdomen back to before pregnancy took it’s physical toll.

As fun as it is to laugh at the idea of Kardashian going under to have “fat” removed from her toe, the constant disrespect for expert cosmetic surgery can be disheartening for would-be patients. Real cosmetic surgery involves expert surgeons who have spent years honing their craft. Perhaps Kim should opt for another trip to the shoe store before hitting the operating room.

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