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Pink Ribbon Stories – A Source of Inspiration

Pink Ribbon Stories – A Source of Inspiration

Cancer affects all of us, directly or indirectly. It attacks the body, it weighs heavy on the mind, it tests the bonds between family and friends. Everything is brought into question. From whence comes the strength to endure? To fight? To conquer? An undeniable source of inspiration is the stories of those that came before us. The strength and courage of others can help to foster a profound belief in personal power. 

By James D. Namnoum, MD
and Chris Knisley

Digital Image by Sean Locke Digital Planet Design www.digitalplanetdesign.comA Foundation of Care

The endurance of a structure in a storm depends greatly on the fortitude of the foundation on which it is built. The lasting triumphs of humanity are crafted with the utmost care. It is on this foundation of care that Dr. James Namnoum has built his Pink Ribbon Story Foundation. Through this foundation Dr. Namnoum provides a platform for those affected by breast cancer to connect with one another:

“From the first time I started taking care of patients when I was a medical student and on to becoming a resident, there was just some kind of simpatico between me and these patients. I just really felt an enormous bond or pull toward them and wanted to doctor to them in a way that would let me take all these skills that I acquired and help them through this terrible crisis in their life.”

The Center Of The Universe

Dr. Namnoum believes that women are the center of the universe. What affects them ripples outward to touch all of creation. The feminine principle is receptive and nurturing. A life begins in the womb of a woman and continues in the womb of Mother Earth. The health and stability of women dictate the conditions in which life is brought into being and the state in which it is allowed to thrive.

The importance of the state of women among the population cannot be understated. It is with this in mind that Dr. Namnoum’s Pink Ribbon Story Foundation exists as a space where women can find each other and so too find strength. With great strength comes great health and great stability.

Narrative Medicine

The oldest human documentations are stories. There are oral stories that go back even further than writing. The power of narrative should then be considered as great as any power wielded by the human species. Stories engage the imagination in ways that open doors through which power can flow freely into us.

Whether you’re telling a story or listening to one, something happens that makes you susceptible to its magic. Where pain and tension once remained steadfast now release is achieved. Where hopelessness once resided now lives courage.


As a forum of powerful and personal narratives, the Pink Ribbon Story Foundation is a tool of magic, making itself available to anyone and everyone across the globe. It is here that those affected by breast cancer can come to arm themselves for war against a terrible enemy. It is here that those affected by breast cancer can realize that they are not alone, never have been, and never will be.


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