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Shaped Implants For a More Natural Look and Feel

Shaped Implants For a More Natural Look and Feel

A large, round look is usually a sure sign of a breast augmentation. It may look beautiful, even sexy, but there are other options available to give you a natural appearance that can look feminine and stunning. Shaped implants are now available, giving  patients and surgeons a wider variety of choices that are suitable to each patient’s body type and desires. 


A magazine photo can only go so far when selecting an implant. What looks great on one person may not look suitable for someone else. There’s a lot to consider when selecting an implant, beyond the size. “That’s why you go to a doctor who is experienced and has performed numerous breast augmentations,” says Dr. James Namnoum a board certified plastic surgeon in Atlanta. “Combining the experience level of the surgeon and an imaging system to show you results before the procedure, can help you understand the difference between a round and shaped implant, in YOUR body.”

Which Shape is Best for Me?

Implants come in several different shapes, including round or teardrop. Round implants project from the body and provide more fullness in the upper part of the breast. Teardrop implants slope downward similar to natural breasts, making them appear more natural. While teardrop implants are not as full as a round implant they may provide better projection and a more natural look for some patients. 


To determine the ideal implant shape, the width of your breast and the quality of your breast tissue needs to be taken into consideration. For instance, to avoid the look of bony, wide-spaced cleavage, it’s important to take your natural breast width into consideration, which your plastic surgeon will measure. “Whats in style isn’t always better, says Dr. Namnoum. “It’s not what’s good today — it’s what looks good through today, the next day and in the years to come. That’s what we’re shooting for.” 

Refining the Size of Implant for Your Body

In choosing the size of your implants, you should also consider how you want your profile to look. Implants are determined by the amount of volume they hold or how many cubic centimeters (cc) of solution are held in the implant shell. Implant size must be very particular to each patient because factors like body frame, size of chest wall, width of shoulders, height, weight, and breast size prior to surgery have an enormous influence on how a particular implant will look. The implant placement, as well as its shape, can also give the appearance of smaller or larger breasts, even if the implants contain the same amount of volume.
How Breast Enhancement is Performed

Breast enhancement surgery requires the use of general anesthesia and generally takes from one to two hours to perform. During the procedure, a small incision can be made either in the crease where the breast meets the chest, around the areola (pigmented area around the nipple), or in the armpit. From there, the muscle, breast tissue, and skin are lifted to create a pocket where the implant can be inserted. In some cases, complementary procedures may be recommended in addition to a breast enhancement. For example, when the breasts begin to sag from aging, changes in weight loss or after pregnancy, a breast lift may be required in combination with an augmentation. Your plastic surgeon will work with  you to determine the most effective surgical options.


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