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A Day at the Spa: Right or Wrong For Cosmetic Procedures?

A Day at the Spa: Right or Wrong For Cosmetic Procedures?

It’s a dream come true for many women and men. A relaxing day at the spa, where you can get a massage, a laser peel, Botox or other treatments that are considered cosmetic procedures. But, critics say consumers need to ask questions and be cautious before diving into procedures at any type of spa where employees may not be well-trained or well-supervised.

By Dawn Tongish

Whose Performing The Procedure? 

Med SpaThe spa industry offers a lot of options for consumers searching for acne treatment, anti-aging therapies and beauty procedures. But, spas are jumping into the cosmetic procedure arena and there are new questions about the licensing, training and supervision of those performing the procedures . The internet is littered with horror stories of people who claim they received poor treatment from a spa.

“I don’t even know what happened to me,” one woman said. The woman appears badly burned after what she says was a botched microdermabrasion treatment at a spa. Experts say errors can happen quickly when the staff isn’t properly trained. It isn’t uncommon for injectors using a syringe of Botox or other injectable to perform injections without the supervision of a medical doctor.

Med Spa “I can tell a huge difference when people go to a spas,” says Kendahl Airey.  Airey is a massage therapist in the Dallas area. She often urges patients to use facilities operated by medical doctors for cosmetic procedures, like Botox and microdermabrasion. “I have seen it turn out bad too many times. People get burned and they come to me in tears. They are just trying to save money and they don’t in the long run, because then they have to get it repaired.”

Who Pays The Price? 

Patients need to ask a lot of questions about who will be performing the procedure and how much experience the person has in doing the procedure. Many times, price is the only focus. Spas often offer lower-priced procedures than a medical spa facility or doctor’s office, but at what price?

“I don’t think that you should be doing Botox, chemical peels or any skin resurfacing with someone at a spa because I am not certain they are trained like those in the medical industry,” says licensed esthetician Beverly Breshers. Breshers feels strongly that patients may be taking a risk using a spa for treatments. She claims many spas don’t keep good medical records and that could weigh into poor patient care and possible complications.

“I don’t think they are trained to keep records like we do. We don’t do anything without looking at a chart.”  

Ask, Ask, Ask Questions!

Spa Breshers says patients need to do some research before using any type of spa. Ask if a medical doctor is associated with the spa. It is also a good idea to find out who will be performing the procedure and how long they have been performing the procedure. Some states don’t require any licensing and you can be badly burned, during some procedures. It may also be a good idea to ask for before and after photos.

Don’t use price as the only reason for selecting a certain facility spa. 

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