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Look Sexy Again after Babies

Look Sexy Again after Babies

Nurturing a child in the womb and bringing them into the world is a beautiful experience for a woman. With the children born and your life as a mother underway, the newest enemy in your life could be the mirror. When mothers direct the little amount of attention left upon themselves, the bodily changes caused by multiple pregnancies can be disappointing.

Dr. Laurie Casas, a board certified plastic surgeon in Chicago, knows full well the toll it can have on a woman’s body, a story told by her many patients interested in a mommy makeover procedure.

By Laurie A. Casas, MD
and Chris Knisley
The Plastic Surgery Channel

I Want My Body Back!

After pregnancy and nursing, women want their body back! If they can’t seem to get it back on their own and are open to the idea of medical assistance, plastic surgeons like Dr. Casas are ready.

When child birth and breast feeding  are over, women become very aware of all the ways in which their body is now different, and not necessarily in a pleasing way. The breasts and stomach are most obviously affected, but Dr. Casas points out that many women will notice new pockets of fat in places that were never problematic before.


What To Do

No matter where the body has been affected, plastic surgeons are equipped with surgical (and non-surgical) procedures that can be combined to restore pre-pregnancy bodies. A combination of non-invasive, minimally-invasive, or invasive procedures can achieve a result that actually improves on the pre-pregnancy body.

Casas, in her thirty years of practice, has discovered that most women are capable of restoring all of their abdominal musculature on their own. With a strong core, plastic surgery can focus on more surface issues and build upon that solid foundation.  Plans for re-contouring the body in its most affected areas will give shape to each woman’s unique mommy makeover.


The most important question about breasts is usually one of volume. Babies suck the life out of their mothers breasts quite literally. The breast can often become depleted and tissues less firm. Lack of volume in the breasts is really what drives a consultation.

A Three-Dimensional Assessment

Casas recognizes the body exists in three dimensions, it’s not just a series of flat images on a screen. She takes into account every angle of a woman’s body and considers her approach to be one not unlike a sculptor’s. The breasts and stomach may well be addressed in a more surgical nature, but there are many other areas where women may benefit from non-surgical procedures like CoolSculpting.


Back fat, arm fat, hip fat, and so on. Sometimes fat shows up in places it never dwelt before. To address these areas, Casas’ holistic view of the woman’s body comes into play. She sees the parts in delicate connection with the whole and is able to hone in on the problem areas, sculpting them in such a way that an overall balance and proportion may be achieved.

With so much knowledge and technology now available to qualified plastic surgeons, mothers are keen to get the help they need to become themselves again.

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