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Liquid Calories: Are you sabotaging your diet?

Liquid Calories: Are you sabotaging your diet?

It is a common scenario. You’ve been working out hard and changing up the diet. The scale is moving in the right direction, but slowly. Most people don’t realize there is a way to ratchet up the progress just by watching what sort of drinks you are consuming. The results can be fast and somewhat easy, if a person is disciplined enough to give up the drinks that soothe the sweet tooth or pile on the fat grams.

Many people consume high-fat, high-sugar drinks not knowing those drinks could be sabotaging a fitness routine. The fist part of the battle is recognizing the so-called “bad” drinks and ridding your diet of these beverages, finding healthy alternatives along the way.

By Dawn Tongish
The Plastic Surgery Channel

Dangerous Drinks 2.00_00_00_15.Still001Before Amanda heads to the office in the morning, she swings by the local coffee shop and grabs a fancy coffee. She doesn’t even realize her cup of Joe is hiding a whole lot of fat and calories. A few hours later, Amanda is reaching for a sweet tea. Again, she doesn’t stop to think about the sugary secret hidden away in that glass of sweetness. Just before Amanda leaves for work, she hits the soda machine for 12 ounces chock-full of sugar. By the end of the day, Amanda has consumed nearly 650 calories alone in the sugary drinks she has downed.

There’s How Many Calories In That Drink?

It is a habit for many Americans to guzzle without thinking. Fancy coffee, sweet tea, soda, and juice are some of the biggest offenders when it comes to high-caloric content. Experts say that younger people many times don’t even consider the amount of calories they are consuming each day. Much of what we drink is just a habit.

“It is something that because they have done it for such a long time, they don’t even think about it,” according to Dr. Ned Snyder, a plastic surgeon who practices in Austin. Dr. Snyder says younger people don’t even think about how quickly they can shed pounds if they change what they consume in liquids.

“If you just drink one drink that has 100 calories, then you will be OK; but if you drink 6, then that is 600 calories or more a day and that is a lot of wasted calories on sugar.”


Cutting Calories Means Better Nutrition

Dangerous Drinks 2.00_00_14_29.Still002Giving up the sugary drinks isn’t just about decreasing calories, experts say it is also about better nutrition. Sometimes the body craves sugar and you deal with that urge by chugging a soda, when there could be a healthier option. Sugar is one of the key reasons why soda is unhealthy and a big barrier to dropping weight. Experts say a sugary drink is like the enemy that keeps your body on a roller coaster that prevents fat burning.

“You are going through the entire day, drinking high sugar content drinks that are feeding into your system and increasing insulin production, which is terrible for fat burning,” according to Simeon Wall, Jr., MD. Dr. Wall is a plastic surgeon in Shreveport, Louisiana, where he consults with patients about weight loss before procedures. Dr. Wall says sugar works against the body, forcing it to store fat instead of get rid of the extra. Dr. Wall advises people to go easy on the alcohol if you are watching your diet.

“A glass of beer or wine may seem harmless, but it can do a number of our system. It can go into your system and cause it to shift into burning the alcohol first and then the fat stores second. It takes awhile to get to the fat stores.”

Opt For Healthy

Moderation is always the key, according to the experts. Doctors advise choosing a carbonated water drink or plain water, over the sugary beverages. These choices will hydrate the body. If you must drink, select a light beer or dry wine. If you are one hosting the party, be sure to include some healthy options for your guests so they will feel comfortable. A cup of coffee is alright in the morning, just try not to dress it up with a lot of sugar and cream.

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