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Fat Is On The Move

Fat Is On The Move

It wasn’t too long ago, plastic surgeons were in the business of removing fat.  These days, a growing number of surgeons are finding they can use your own fat and distribute to areas of your body where it’s more desirable.  So instead of throwing fat away, surgeons are finding new ways to improve the face and body by injecting your fat where you’ve lost volume or areas where you would like to be fuller such as the breasts and buttocks.

By: Daniel Del Vecchio, MD
and Chris Knisley


Surgeons’ ability to manipulate fat has become a hot topic recently. Dr. Daniel Del Vecchio a board certified plastic surgeon from Boston is utilizing the fat pulled from liposuction to fill out other areas of the body.

“Over the past decade, I think we’ve evolved our operation to be much more efficient; not only in time efficiency but also in this concept I call fat efficiency,” explains Del Vecchio.

Evolved operations benefit from expert techniques that reduce the amount of time fat is outside of the body, of waste incurred during fat’s processing, and of healthy cells lost along the way. By advancement in fat manipulation science, the versatility of fat has exploded.

Every healthy cell that can be preserved only adds to the procedure’s effectiveness. That’s why Del Vecchio’s motto is: No Fat Cell Left Behind.


Shape Versus Size

Fat is a precious commodity as the most natural option for each individual patient when it comes to restoring lost volume. A natural approach or look is preferred by many consumers these days. It just so happens, fat is natural and works incredibly well. Del Vecchio considers the geometry of attraction: shape is what really appeals to our senses.

Our eyes are tuned to a golden ratio, a curving shape of unbound size. Pleasing proportion and smooth shape are fundamental qualities of beauty. Plastic surgeons’ goals become oriented in a new way.

“When we’re thinking about body contouring and liposuction, we’re not fixated on reducing something as much as we’re fixated on reshaping something,” says Del Vecchio.

The Life Of Fat

The survival of fat outside of the body is most assured in a very short window of opportunity. The benefits of healthy fat cell transplantation are accomplished in as little as an hour’s time. Plastic surgeons like Del Vecchio have a fat efficient process that boasts high quality results with low quantity waste, either of time or tissue.


Del Vecchio recommends patients consider liposuction at a time when the removal of fat could be put to good use elsewhere in the body. His efficiency with fat is indicative of the lifespan of healthy fat. Once fat is removed, surgeons recommend immediate reuse or no use at all.

Fat is on the move in the offices of plastic surgeons like Del Vecchio. Utilizing natural fat cells from your own body to replace lost volume is a great way to enhance your shape, or replace what nature naturally shrinks. Fat transplantation is here!

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