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One Day Recovery Augmentation

One Day Recovery Augmentation

Have breast augmentation surgery in the morning, go home and go bra shopping in the afternoon?!?! You’ve gotta be kidding me!  Not according to Mark Epstein, MD, a board certified plastic surgeon from Stony Brook, New York.  He says, “One Day Recovery Breast Augmentation™ is a procedure I’ve been performing and perfecting since 2004.  It allows patients to recover from breast implant surgery in dramatically less time!”

By Mark Epstein, MD
The Plastic Surgery

Normal Activity the Day of Surgery

This new type of recovery allows women to raise their arms above their heads before they are even out of the recovery room.  And 98% of Dr. Epstein’s cosmetic breast surgery patients are able to resume all the normal activity of daily living except strenuous exercise by the very next morning after surgery!  Many of his patients even go out to dinner the night of surgery and have been known to go shopping and to their kid’s soccer  games.

100Breast Augmentation Horror Stories

Recovery from breast augmentation surgery can vary widely from surgeon to surgeon and patient to patient.  Ask any of your girlfriends what their recovery from breast implant surgery was like and you will likely hear some horror stories.  Things like not being able to raise their arms above their heads for weeks, bras, bandages, drains, bruising, no work, no driving and even needing help to go to the bathroom are still common recovery occurrences.  So common, that when Dr. Epstein first started to produce this better experience for patients, he says, “They were in disbelief.”  But after routinely producing One Day Recovery for patients, they started to tell their friends, who told their friends and then testimonials started appearing touting the amazing recovery experiences Dr. Epstein’s patients were having after breast augmentation.  “It is real”, Epstein says, so real that, “98% of my patients don’t need anything more than Tylenol or Advil after surgery!”  Eliminating the need for post-operative narcotics is huge in returning patients to full, normal activity so quickly.  Although advances have been made in long lasting local anesthetics, Dr. Epstein says he doesn’t need them.

Recovery Secrets

The secret to One Day Recovery Breast Augmentation™ lies, literally, in the hands of an expert surgeon like Epstein.  “It actually comes from very delicate handling of tissues.  There is absolutely no blunt dissection.  All dissection is done using a cautery under direct visualization.”  The precision used to develop the pocket for the implant, and the less traction placed on the tissues means less trauma to the patient and thus less pain after the surgery.


Better Recoveries for All Procedures

“It is a whole change in paradigm about how a surgeon handles tissues and performs surgery.  So these techniques are applicable to many operations, like breast reduction and abdominoplasty and we are seeing much quicker recoveries as a result.”  Seeking a board certified plastic surgeon who specializes in faster recovery is the first step. Remember, whatever happens to the patient in the operating room, the patient pays for later in their living room.


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