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A Beautiful Mid Face Lift Without Surgery

A Beautiful Mid Face Lift Without Surgery

Lines and wrinkles are unavoidable and we notice them more and more as we begin to age. We know what we don’t like to see in the mirror, especially in the mid face – hollowness under the eyes, jowls that form along our jaw line. The question is, how do we fix it? For years the world of plastic surgery has been focused on tightening loose skin through surgery with procedures like Rhytidectomy (facelift) and it’s little sister, a mid face lift which is not quite as invasive, and focuses on, as the name suggests, the mid face. But simply pulling and tightening can often lead to an even more hollow look.

Dr. Caroline Glicksman of New Jersey tells us about an alternative fix for this surgical dilemma! A new injectable filler is available and designed to treat this very problem.

By Caroline A. Glicksman, MD
and The Plastic Surgery Channel

Voluma-XCThe answer to, “Why do I look old”? Volume loss

Many, many signs of old age come back to one concept: volume loss. Receding anatomical structures remove skin support, which on the exterior manifests as the “signs of aging”.  In the past, treating this issue in the face required surgery, but perhaps not now with Juvederm VolumaXC®.

“Voluma is the first injectable filler that is designed for the midface,” describes Glicksman. “We’re not talking about the lower face or the lip area, nor the forehead, we’re talking about the cheek area midface. We can now get a beautiful soft look without surgery.”

What’s new with Voluma?

Juvederm VolumaXC®  is a unique product for physicians to use when it comes to slowing down the signs of aging. Compared to other injectable fillers that can help lines and wrinkles, Voluma works on a deeper level quite literally.

“The difference with Voluma is that it’s a little thicker gel so it lasts longer,” says Glicksman. “The other real difference is where you inject it. We inject deep into the tissues. It’s not meant for superficial lines, it’s meant to give lift and reshape the midface area. It really does lasts about two years.”

 Voluma doesn’t work without a professional

Since the product is an injectable, it may seem like any doctor can do it. You’re just injecting it into the face, how hard can it be? Thoughts like this may lead patients to think that seeking out a board certified plastic surgeon or dermatologist is overkill, especially when their dentists offers it for less. Glicksman explains why you should seek out a plastic surgeon with years of training in aesthetic procedures if you’re looking for great results.


“The ideal candidate is determined by a board certified plastic surgeon who analyzes the face and how a woman is aging,” explains Glicksman. “As we age, our mid-face droops, creating a more empty look beneath the eyes. This also affects the corners of the mouth and jowl area. The lift you’re getting is comparable to a mid-face lift, but with no real down time. Most importantly, Juvederm VolumaXC® can instantly take years off your appearance.”

The ultimate win for plastic surgeon and patient alike is when results tremendously improve the latter’s look, but doesn’t scream “I had plastic surgery”. When utilized with expert hands, Juvederm VolumaXC® defines this sentiment without surgery or down time.

Glicksman agrees: “If done beautifully, no one really knows what you’ve had done.”

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