No Spin News: Dez Bryant Stem Cells and Sientra Breast Implants

No Spin News: Dez Bryant Stem Cells and Sientra Breast Implants

In this episode of No Spin News hosts/analysts William P. Adams Jr. MD, of Dallas,TX  and Jason Pozner,MD, of Boca Raton, FL, discuss recent developments with stem cells and breast implants.  Dallas Cowboy star, Dez Bryant, while recovering from a foot fracture just had a stem cell procedure done in Colorado.  The receiver had bone marrow stem cells injected to help heal his injury.


NFL Players and Breast implants?

Drs. Adams and Pozner discuss the current  status of Stem Cell treatments.  There are actually more stem cells in fat; however, the current regulatory status only permits concentration of fat  stem cells for therapeutic treatments through approved clinical trials.  Bone marrow stem cells have some current applications in certain orthopedic procedures.  The real question is –Will this  get the NFL star, Dez, out there catching touchdowns any faster?   We sure hope so because the Dallas Cowboys need him!


stem cells

Breast Implants Off the Market Again….

The two expert plastic surgeons also discuss the recent decision by  Sientra Corporation to do a  voluntary stoppage for the use of any  Sientra breast implants due to an on-going investigation of Silimed, who is their primary manufacturing contractor.  Silimed had their CE mark suspended in Europe 3 weeks ago due to  concerns with contamination. The contamination by report is silica and cotton – both products used in the manufacturing process.



Should Breast Implant Patients Panic?

Both Dr. Pozner and Dr. Adams state that based on what is currently known, they are not concerned about the quality or safety of Sientra breast implants.  Sientra’s move to take their products off the market in the US is more of a political necessity while the Silimed investigation sorts out in Europe.  They emphasize that patients with Sientra breast implants should not be concerned and they hope they return to the market soon.

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