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Breast Lift with Implants: Is It Right for Me?

Breast Lift with Implants: Is It Right for Me?

It is a common question. Can I get implants with my breast lift? The answer is YES! A breast lift (mastopexy) can be combined with a breast augmentation and is often a remedy for women with sagging and deflated breasts due to childbirth. Doctor Mark Pinsky discusses the treatment options, recovery time and why this dynamic-duo procedure can be a big confidence booster for women seeking to rebuild self-esteem.

by The Plastic Surgery Channel
and Mark Pinsky, MD

Stop The Sag, Give Me Fullness

2Women will often say they liked the look of their breasts during pregnancy because they were full, but they become less thrilled with the look of their bust line after giving birth. It’s normal for breasts to begin to sag as you get older, especially after a few kids. Doctor Mark Pinsky says women often want to improve the look of their sagging breasts. “Patients like this come to the office and they want to re-establish that fullness and revive their breasts and get more youthful breasts so their bras and bathing suits don’t gap.”

Women desire not only fullness, but projecting breasts like they had as a younger adult. Age and childbirth can aggravate sagging skin and ligaments grow weak and begin to stretch out.

“They want to get pretty breasts again and we can help with that,” says Dr. Pinksy who is a board-certified plastic surgeon practicing in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.

All In One (Lift and Augmentation)

This combination procedure can be safety and effectively performed at the same time, according to Doctor Pinsky. “It is one of the most satisfying procedures that I do when I combine a breast lift, with implants.” Some surgeons believe combining the procedures provides advantages to the patients. It is less expensive and avoids the risks that could be associated with having two surgical procedures. In many situations, women prefer having just one operation.

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The goal is to suit the needs of the patient. “I think it is a mistake to try and put a very large implant to try and fill out the skin, because the skin is already damaged it is already sagged down,” says Dr, Pinsky. “It does not have much elasticity. It does not have much strength, and then to put a big implant, it will drift down in a short amount of time.” Dr. Pinsky says most women want fullness to enhance the look of youthful cleavage.

“So we what we need to do is add a breast implant for fullness, it will enhance the cleavage and establish volume, but then once the implant is in we need to remold and reshape the breast to bring it back up and center the breast on the implant.”

Popular Procedure

Breast life with implant surgery recovery will vary for each patient. Your doctor will provide a good time frame on when you can get back to your regualr activity, but plan on taking at least a week of work or school. You will need to get plenty of rest and avoid extreme movements. After a few days you should be up and around moving with a little more ease. You will be required to wear compression bandages. The big reveal of the new look will often be overwhelming and many women are overcome.

Dr. Pinsky says it is the best part of his job. “Every I feel like santa claus. We make patients happy. “I make women feel beautiful again and that is very rewarding for me.”

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