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No Longer Taboo: Rejuvenating, Yes – Those Lips!

No Longer Taboo: Rejuvenating, Yes – Those Lips!

It was once considered a taboo subject. Women just didn’t talk about what went on “down there”. But that’s changing. Labiaplasty or Labia reduction is quickly becoming one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures. For some women seeking out the procedure, it’s all about a better look and feeling youthful — for others it’s about relieving pain and discomfort. Dr. Mark Epstein, a board-certified plastic surgeon talks about the procedure and why women are seeking it out to revive, restore and create a new sexual attitude.

by The Plastic Surgery Channel
and Mark Epstein, MD, FACS

Today’s clothing doesn’t leave much to the imagination. Women can find themselves embarrassed and feeling awkward when a bathing suit reveals a little too much bulge “down there”. The desire to feel comfortable in clothing is part of the drive behind the surge in vaginal rejuvenation. Patients often ask for the procedure because their labia hangs down too low, or appears to be too long. In the past, women thought they just had to live with the problem. 

“In the past a lot of women didn’t know that they could get this kind of surgery,” says Dr. Mark Epstein. Doctor Epstein practices in Stony Brook, New York and says women often come to him, sharing the same kinds of concerns.

“They always say that they have long or hanging vaginal lips or they say they have a lot of discomfort or pain during certain kinds of activities like riding a bike, motorcycle or horse.” Epstein also says that some women may also suffer from painful intercourse, if the tissue vaginal tissue is excessive.


How Popular Is This Surgery?

Women are finding that they can hit the internet and do their own research, even before talking with a plastic surgeon. That may be helping to fuel the popularity of Labiaplasty. Women and younger teens are also discovering that they don’t have to live with a lip issue. Labiaplasty removes the excess tissue from the labia minora or inner lips. It can be a genetic problem. “A lot of times patients will tell me their mother has the same problem and their sister has the same problem, so there could be a genetic component to this as well,” says Epstein.

epstein.00_01_26_15.Still002Dr. Epstein says the procedure will reduce the size of the inner lips and can at the same time plump up the outer lips known as the labia majora. “We can use some fat grafting to increase that area and make it look more youthful.” Most patients come away a little sore, but very satisfied. The procedure takes about an hour and there could be some moderate sweeling and minor bruising.

New Look, New Attitude

Most women who seek out this procedure want a tight and tucked in for their vagina. There are several different surgical options to achieve the right look. It’s wise to discuss the options with your plastic surgeon or physican. Overall, the procedure has a low complicaton rate and most patients go home happy with their “new look”.

“I think we are just at the tip of the iceberg in feminine rejuvenation. I am seeing more patients every year and I think that will continue to grow,” says Dr. Epstein who believes that this procedure will continue to make strides in popularity. Women reach their sexual peak in their 40’s and that’s when many may seek out a makeover for down there, but first they have to comfortable asking the questions.

“Patients do have know they have options, then it’s all about the outcome and making them happy.”

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