No Spin Live… Is Butt Augmentation the New Breast?

No Spin Live… Is Butt Augmentation the New Breast?

Breast augmentation has long been one of the standard bearers of plastic surgery. Consistently year in and year out, millions of patients undergo breast surgery, but the trend is seeing a newcomer fast approaching. With refined procedures and new technological breakthroughs, buttock augmentation is showing tremendous year over year growth.

This isn’t the old buttuck augmentation, but a modern procedure with modern tools. Typically fat grafting is performed, a technique where liposuction is used to remove and contour the waist and lower body while the removed fat is processed and injected into the buttock area, providing volume. This added volume is all natural in the form of your own fat cells. Surgeons are literally taking from there and putting it here.

Results can be transformative, especially when patients realize the power of “moving fat from here to there.” Imagine a patient with a heavy waist and little to no buttock. Removing fat and sculpting the waist provides contour, while adding that fat into the buttock not only increases the volume of the buttock, but exaggerates the new contour of the waist, providing a well-balanced approach.

For these reasons patients’ curiosity in the procedure is a growing statistic. Hear during this segment from expert surgeons from across the globe discuss this trend, it’s popularity and success, and where it’s going.

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