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The New Implant with Extra Filling

The New Implant with Extra Filling

Selecting the proper implant is critical to helping ensure your long-term satisfaction with your breast surgery. According to Dr. Brian Brzowski who manages practices in Salt Lake City and Ogden, Utah, there’s never been a better time for breast augmentation given the recent “extra filled” implants. “Now more than ever in the history of breast implants and breast augmentation, we have so many choices and options available to patients.”

What Dr. Brzowski is referring to is the FDA clearance given round gel-filled smooth breast implants. The NATRELLE INSPIRA™ line is one of the brand names and is different from other available breast implant styles because it has a higher fill ratio that provides an additional breast shaping option for women undergoing reconstruction, augmentation or revision surgery. There are 3 reasons Dr. Brzowski cites for celebrating these new implants, namely longevity, smoothness and upper pole fullness.

by Isabel Bolt
and Brian Brzowski, MD

Longer Shelf Life

Breast implants are not lifetime devices, and not necessarily a one-time surgery. Informed patients understand that there is a chance an implant will fail through rupturing over time. What causes a rupture? Dr. Brzowski explains, “Taking out the folds is a critical improvement. One reason implants fail is folding within the shell. Over time, friction can create a hole in the shell of the implant. A full shell cannot fold, so the implant will have a longer lifespan.”

No more Rippling

The material inside these new round cohesive gel implants acts more like a soft solid than a liquid. When you couple that with altering the percentage of fill within implant, you have a more stable device. “By filling the bag more completely, it is giving the implant more smoothness by taking out some of the folds,” says Brzowski. The telltale rippling that often identified breast implants is now minimized. During your consultation you will be able to hold implants with more or less fill and the difference may seem obvious.

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Above the Bra

Round implants fill out existing breasts by adding volume to the upper pole of the breast resulting in a “rounded” look. Why does this matter? The upper pole of the breast can lose fullness over time due to gravity, or breast feeding, or age resulting in a flatter, emptier look. Putting thicker gel into a round implant is a definite improvement for Dr. Brzowski’ s patients. “Now compared with past devices, the upper part of the implant remains intact and won’t collapse…benefiting patients who need a fuller, sharper edge up there… [such as those who are] long chested or have a ‘scoopy’ chest. They too will realize upper pole fullness.”

A Note about Choosing your Implant

There is no implant supermarket. The size, shape, projection and type of implant that is right for you will often be predicated upon your anatomy. A plastic surgeon who specializes in breast surgery will consult with you on your desired outcome in terms of size, but many other factors must be considered. How much breast tissue do you have? What shape are your natural breasts? How thin are you? How narrow or wide is your chest?  Breast implants are measured by volume (cubic centimeters – cc’s) not cup size. Selecting the right volume for your body is one key for achieving your desired look.

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A higher projection can be another way to give the impression of larger breast size. You and your surgeon can find the volume that best suits you determined by combining the base width that fits your chest with the projection you desire. It is important to be aware that a larger volume implant may not necessarily mean that your breasts will look bigger – it depends on your body type and shape.

Tailored fit

Brzowski describes the new round, overfilled implants as contributing to, “the zenith of what an implant can do and how long it can last. With fewer folds, a smoother shell, and firmer silicone we probably are going to experience realistically a lifetime device that provides the fewest potential complications and a vast reduction in capsular contracture.”

He cautions that the myriad of implants available really demand an experienced, board certified surgeon be at the controls. “Choices – while great – create a bewildering array of options that can be confusing for surgeons and patients. It requires a more sophisticated understanding of each patient and what these new devices will offer. It also demands someone who can communicate with patients and has years of experience to determine what the best choice really is.”

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