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Vaginal Rejuvenation, Without Surgery

Vaginal Rejuvenation, Without Surgery

Let’s face it. Every woman wants to feel healthy ‘down there’. Vaginal health is critical to confidence, intimacy and an overall feeling of sensuality. There’s no debate that childbirth, aging and menopause takes a toll — tissues can  become loose and dry. Sex can be painful. Exercise can be embarrassing if there are leaks. For too long women have suffered in silence, robbed of being able to experience their full potential. Dr. Jim Namnoum explains a breakthrough procedure, diVa Laser Vaginal Therapy that may deliver the trifecta of results women have been waiting for to achieve good vaginal health after 50.

by Dawn Tongish
and James Namnoum, MD

diVa Has Arrived

Poor vaginal health IS NOT something women must just accept as they age. There are solutions. But up until now, most fixes were surgical, required painkillers and a week off.  There’s a new procedure that offers a safe, effective treatment in less than 20 minutes at your doctor’s office. The diVa Laser Vaginal Therapy, developed by Sciton is the first of its kind, claiming to offer a quick rejuvenation of vaginal tissue to its younger state. It is an attractive offer to many women, who don’t want downtime or anesthesia, but are still searching for long-lasting results. Dr. Jim Namnoum who is a plastic surgeon in Atlanta, Georgia, says the cutting edge technology is sure to be a hit with busy moms and career women, who want results but don’t have a ton of time. “Women want to feel healthy everywhere. The vagina stretches a lot during childbirth and there is dryness and a lot of discomfort during intercourse.” Experts say the laser, diVa works to increase lubrication and improve the firmness of stretched tissue.

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Improved Sexual Health

Vaginal dryness can happen at any age, but after 50 and menopause it can become worse. Dr. Namnoum says diva works for women at any age to lessen dryness and improve sexual health and wellness. “If you have experienced dryness after childbirth that can be corrected, so pain can go away and enhancement for both parties can be created.” Namnoum says the laser also works to restore a stretched vagina to a more ‘youthful’ firmness, which will also create a more satisfying sexual experience. “The whole vagina vault gets stiffer and firmer and you can enhance the satisfaction of both partners, by having a more resilient vaginal vault.” A woman can expect to resume normal sexual activities about three days after the procedure.

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Feel Like Your Pre-Pregnancy Self

There is nothing more annoying than a slight urine ‘leak’ due to childbirth. Experts say diVa can help to improve muscle tone that may alleviate much of the incontinence issues associated with having children. “There can be just a tiny bit of leakage that happens during exercise, but that’s enough to be really irritating,” says Namnoum. With diVa, there will be improvement of that tissue and the incontinence will be helped. Namnoum adds that these feminine issues can happen at any time in life, when a woman’s estrogen levels are low, like during breastfeeding. He is excited about the opportunity for women to restore a sense of well-being, without a long recovery. “It’s so promising for women that this is available to fix these issues that aren’t so desirable after childbirth. This is a powerful new tool.”

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