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Facial Rejuvenation Tips for Men

Facial Rejuvenation Tips for Men

Turns out that women aren’t the only ones who don’t want to look older than they feel. According to the latest statistics from the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, men made up almost 10% of the non-surgical procedures performed last year, a number that is trending upwards. Why? Men “don’t want to look old,” says Dr. James Namnoum of Atlanta, GA. However, they still want to look masculine. It’s a fine line, but one that can definitely be achieved with the right surgeon and the following facial rejuvenation tips.

by Katherine Stuart
and James Namnoum, MD

Aging Men and the Workplace

All of us reach a certain age where we begin to show the ravages of time. When exactly this happens will depend on our DNA as well as how much of our lives have been spent outdoors. For men, one of the earliest signs of aging is that their skin starts to look a little rough. It typically develops brown spots, discoloration and redness. Next, they may develop some fine lines and wrinkles as well as more severe animation wrinkles. Supposedly this is all fine since we live in a society that says it’s OK for men to age.

Many men are finding themselves, however, aging in a workplace filled with younger men. This unfortunately can create an aura of insecurity as well as uncertainty. Furthermore, men aren’t great about vocalizing their concerns or finding the help that they need to deal with them. The internet and magazines such as Men’s Health have helped but, “there’s still a lot of resistance to doing anything,” says Dr. Namnoum. Many men are scared that they’ll wind up looking too weird or overly feminine. So, what can men do?

3 Facial Rejuvenation Options for Men

Botox is the first line of defense when dealing with aging. It’s great for treating the wrinkles around and between the brows. And though we’ve all seen celebrities who’ve had too much Botox, a conservative amount that’s appropriately placed will modulate and soften the animation wrinkles on a man’s face, making him look years younger.

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Men experience a lot of photo aging of the skin from a lifetime of sports such as golf, being at the beach, or out on the boat. “Men ignore their skin and they ignore it at their peril,” says Dr. Namnoum. They’re also much less likely than women to use “potions” such as retinoids to treat their sun damaged skin.

Namnoum has found that they will do an intervention such as the Halo laser. “It is the most powerful, transforming laser, I think, on the market today.” A Halo treatment involves the use of two different lasers. One vaporizes the skin with a pinpoint grid of injury so it recovers quickly while the next is capable of reaching down deep into the dermis to eliminate redness and broken blood vessels. This one two punch helps to tighten the pores, even out pigment, and improve skin tone.

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The last option for men is fillers. When handled properly, fillers can help restore the lost volume in the cheeks and the hallows under the eyes without making a man look overly done or less masculine. According to Dr. Namnoum, the right surgeon can, “take these nonsurgical approaches to facial aging and make a huge change in your face. You still look like yourself but frankly, you look a heck of a lot better than before you started. It’s pretty amazing.”

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