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Choosing the Right Implant

Choosing the Right Implant

Patients today have access to more information regarding breast augmentation surgery than at any other time in history. Satisfied and dissatisfied patients post pictures and comments on social media and other sites, such as RealSelf. Entertainment shows focus on, “Did she or didn’t she?” and our current obsession with celebrity means that many patients don’t just want bigger breasts, they want a specific look to their breasts. A common result of this information overload is that many patients are confused about how to choose the right implant for their desired result. Dr. William P. Adams Jr. of Dallas, TX discusses some of the things that any patient needs to know when considering a breast augmentation.

A Surgeon’s Experience is Paramount

Selecting the right implant is “maybe the toughest thing that a patient needs to do,” says Adams. It’s incredibly important that you see a surgeon with a lot of experience. Look for one who is not only board certified, but who is also an  expert in breast augmentation. A plastic surgeon with proven expertise in the breast augmentation procedure will be best equipped to guide you towards the ideal size and shape implant for your body, which will make all the difference in terms of your outcome.

shaped breast implant

More Choices than Ever Before

There are approximately 200% more implants available in the United States than there were 5 years ago. There are more options in size, as well as shape and fill. Silicone gel implants have become the overwhelming choice for most women in the world because they tend to feel more natural and last longer than saline. In fact, “the current implants are very durable,” saysAdams with the vast majority lasting 10,15, 20 years. Re-approved in the United States in 2006 after exhaustive study and testing, silicone gel implants come in either round or anatomic shape and smooth or textured surface. In general, Adams uses a round, smooth implant except in very specific indications such as if the patient has, “constricted lower pole breasts or tight, short nipple to fold distances” in which case, he uses an anatomic or shaped implant. Since round implants now come in varying amounts of fill, there are a lot more options even in that category alone.

breast augmentation before and after

“At the end of the day, it’s really about finding one that fits the breast,” explains Adams. The goal is to find the implant that best suits your body and it’s up to the surgeon to guide you towards the right choice. It involves careful measurements in order to determine the best fill, width, and projection of an implant in order to achieve the best results possible.

For Dr. Adams, “there is no one best implant. It has to be individualized for the patient.”

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