Breast Augmentation Regret?

Breast Augmentation Regret?

It’s time for another episode of everyone’s favorite show, No Spin Live! In Episode 7, board certified plastic surgeons Dr. Tiffany McCormack of Reno, Dr. Jason Pozner of Boca Raton, and Dr. Dan Del Vecchio of Boston take a look at a case of extreme plastic surgery, and supposed extreme dissatisfaction. Plastic surgery patient Danielle Lloyd claims she’s “disgusted” by her plastic surgery, and goes as far to say her breast implants “exploded.”

Danielle Lloyd's breast augmentation regret.

PSC surgeons break down her litany of half-truths, fear-mongering, and excuses to gives people interested in breast augmentation the truth of the matter, and why the procedure is one of the most performed and studied in the world with thousands of happy patents.


WILLIAM P. ADAMS JR., MD: Hi, I’m Dr. Bill Adams and welcome to No Spin Live Episode 7. This is everyone’s favorite show where you get credible information from the world’s best plastic surgeons. So with us today we have Dan Del Vecchio from Boston, Massachussetts, we’ve got Jason Pozner from Boca Raton, Florida, and we have Tiffany McCormack from Reno, Nevada. And let’s get into em. Number 1, I don’t know, maybe this is like same song different verse, but a model or some famous person says, “Oh my God, I did all this plastic surgey and not i’m disgusted by it.” Daniel Lloyd, this story, you know she had breast implants placed in like 2004, and she said her breast implants exploded in 2012 and she is just very unhappy about how she looks. Dan Del Vecchio, what’s the deal with this trend of famous people saying they’re disgusted with plastic surgery?

DAN DEL VECCHIO, MD: It’s always the same old crap over there. The UK, some famous person had this and that, there’s that guy who’s had 55 operations. I Think it’s a bunch of bull. I mean, everyone has plastic surgery, the complication rate is not that high.

ADAMS: Tiffany, what do you think?

TIFFANY MCCORMACK, MD: Yeah, I was a little disturbed by her comment about saying if she had known what the risks were, she wouldn’t have gone through with her procedures. And I have to believe that any plastic surgeon worth their salt would have gone risks and benefits preoperatively. It sounds like she had no explosion, but a hematoma, which is a known complications. It’s rare, but it happens. It sounds like she’s also had a couple of children in between having various breast procedures so i’m sure things changed.

ADAMS: You want to make a good decision the first time, but sometimes people don’t make good decision – which is unfortunate. But, if you make a bad decision, can those people be helped?

JASON POZNER, MD: Well, a lot of my practice is these revisionary surgeries. I see this stuff every single day, like today is a clinic day and we saw a lot of messed up boobs. Now unfortunately there is a low complication rate and things get old and they change, so we do need to fix them. That’s why you need to go to someone who knows how to fix these problems. But on the other hand, if I can comment on this case again, who is this person? I’ve never heard of them. Are they famous? Are they not famous? Are they now famous because they have ‘exploding’ breast implants? So I think it’s someone looking for a little bit of attentino.

DEL VECCHIO: I just think, you know, people have to be better educated. The tabloids have now turned into the electronic tabloid.

ADAMS: You guys have been great. I think it’s been some really good information, we appreciate you guys being with us, and I’m sure our viewers have learned a lot. If you want to see more of this, you can see that at

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