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Cellfina: A Real Solution to Cellulite with No Surgery

Cellfina: A Real Solution to Cellulite with No Surgery

Said to affect almost 90% of women at some point in their lives, cellulite is the bane of many women’s existence with no truly viable treatment – until now. Cellfina is the first FDA-approved, minimally-invasive procedure that has been clinically proven to eliminate much of cellulite issues.

It works by actually addressing the primary structural cause of your cellulite, and the results are nothing short of miraculous when considering the general lack of an option prior. Dr. Mark Pinsky of Palm Beach Gardens, FL discusses this new technology and how it could foreseeably change the lives of women with cellulite everywhere.

Cellfina is a Real Solution for Cellulite

As Dr. Pinsky tells his patients, “you waited until there was a real solution for that pesky cellulite, and now there is.” Cellfina is a unique technology that involves:

  • No surgery
  • Minimal downtime
  • Quick, 90 minute session
  • Performed in the office

Most importantly, Cellfina works by attacking the primary structural cause of cellulite. The condition forms when the fibrous bands that go from beneath the skin down to the muscles tighten and the tissue in between bulges, much like a Chesterfield sofa’s buttons. By separating these bands, the tissue in between is able to distribute more evenly, eliminating the dimpling on the surface of the skin.

Cellfina device for cellulite.

Advantages of Cellfina for Cellulite

The best thing about Cellfina is that most patients will have much of their cellulite dimpling reduced and/or eliminated in one session. If you suffer from Grade 3 cellulite, you may need more than one treatment, but this is not the norm.

As of now, Cellfina patients are going on 4 years with continued improvement. “96% of people are very happy with their outcome and 100% of people have a noticeable change in all their dimples,” says Dr. Pinsky. Most women who suffer from cellulite are extremely self-conscious about their bodies. They tend to shy away from wearing certain clothes or being sans clothes with the lights on. With a major reduction in dimpling, patients no longer have to worry about how they may look in a bathing suit, a silk dress, underwear, shorts, a tight skirt ,or thin skinny jeans.

What Causes Cellulite?

Cellulite occurs predominately in women. “Men are pretty much spared,” explains Dr. Pinsky. This is because the fibrous connective tissue in men tend to run horizontally, not vertically.

Cellulite often develops during a patient’s teenage years (thank you hormones), but it can show up at anytime. It doesn’t discriminate by race or age although it can seem to get worse as we get older. There are a number of reasons for this.

  1. Tissue changes with time, specifically those fibrous connective bands; they get thicker
  2. Overlaying skin gets thinner which makes cellulite dimpling more visible.
  3. Many women tend to gain weight with age and the more fat there is on the body then the more chances there are for cellulite dimples.

Most cellulite resides on the back of the legs and the buttocks. This presents a particular clothing challenge in the summer as it makes wearing bathing suits, shorts, and mini-dresses difficult. It is estimated that up to 90% of women suffer from some degree of cellulite. Other things that are thought to cause cellulite are genetics, eating a diet high in fat, salt and too little fiber, lifestyle choices like smoking and inactivity and wearing certain clothes such as underwear with really tight elastic around the buttocks as it may limit blood flow.

Avoiding cellulite in the mirror.

A Cellulite Solution

It is estimated that women in this country spend about 6 billion dollars a year trying to banish their cellulite with treatments such as cellulite creams, lymphatic massage, ultrasound, RF therapy, magnet therapy, Endermologie, electrical stimulation, and heat therapy to name just a few. While some of these procedures may help, none have been able to truly show significant results in the battle against cellulite. Cellfina is working to change that. “We have a real solution,” says Pinsky. “A cellulite solution.”

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