Jane Fonda Pestered Over Plastic Surgery Past

Jane Fonda Pestered Over Plastic Surgery Past

The alluring Jane Fonda was awkwardly asked about her past with plastic surgery on a recent interview with Megyn Kelly, an interview aimed at promoting a new film with long-time pal Robert Redford. While Ms. Fonda has discussed her plastic surgery in the past, the question from Kelly came at an awkward moment, elevated by the video of Fonda’s seemingly incredulous reaction going viral. The real question becomes, why are such questions relevant, especially when the subject has been more open than most about her cosmetic augmentations in the past?

Board certified plastic surgeons discuss the incident on the latest episode of No Spin Live!

Why Bring It Up?

A hallmark of journalism and interviews involves asking the right questions at the right time. This situation is hardly noticed, due in part that a great interview strategy should flow seamlessly. Kelly gave the opposite example from the Fonda interview by providing an example of how random, seemingly unrelated questions create a jarring atmosphere for both interviewee and audience. Anyone who knows Jane Fonda knows she has been uncommonly open about plastic surgery in the past, but was there a need to interject the question in an interview about a film?

“I’m questioning why they even bothered asking her about it,” shares board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Jason Pozner of Florida. “This wasn’t an interview about plastic surgery, it was an interview about her work. I didn’t think it was relevant to the conversation they were having. If she wanted to bring it up, I mean, she could bring it up. I think it wasn’t quite the right venue.”

In the increasingly bizarre world of TV news where hot-button topics may lead to a viral response – also defined as a financial boon for news websites – interjecting these kinds of off-topic questions may be becoming the norm.  “I think Megyn Kelly is trying to make a story more sensational,” says board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Charles Messa, also of Florida. “Plastic surgery always gets peoples’ interest; everyone knows Jane Fonda has had work done, she’s been public about it before. It just wasn’t the time and place. It was her personal decision to have it done and when she did it, and she spoke about it before. It was just Megyn Kelly trying to up her ratings and it was very ineffective and awkward.”

Jane Fonda.

Regardless, Should we Even Care?

To Kelly’s credit, the question about Jane’s past with cosmetic surgery is more interesting that most. Considering that the star continues to look gorgeous at 79 year-old, many may wonder how much is surgery and how much is genetics and lifestyle. Kelly’s mistake was inappropriate timing, although audiences may have looked past Ms. Fonda’s shock and been more curious in her answer. “I have to agree with what everyone has said in that it wasn’t the appropriate time or place,” shares Dr. Tiffany McCormack, a board certified plastic surgeon in Reno. “Jane has been really open and honest about this in the past. The one good thing for us as plastic surgeons is I actually think she looks great. She’s a great model for certain women to know that facelifts can look natural and help you look amazing. On that end it’s a positive, but I don’t think anyone out there didn’t know she’s already had plastic surgery.”

In a more appropriate venue, Jane Fonda’s past with cosmetic surgery – as well as her past with fitness and healthy living – probably would give great insight for those curious about rejuvenating their appearance. She is a great example of how a person can utilize all of the many forms of staying healthy to age as gracefully as possible. Important, too, is her past willingness to discuss the subject of her surgeries, breaking a taboo that persists even now.

For the best plastic surgeons, she is a shining example of how surgery can be done to age folks naturally, to the point that a nearly 80 year-old woman is still in the spotlight as a beauty.

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