Don’t Let Fat Come Back! Have the Proper Liposuction

Don’t Let Fat Come Back! Have the Proper Liposuction

June 19, 2015
By Richard A. Baxter, MD

Liposuction and other body shaping operations such as tummy tucks focus on the problem areas of the body that stand out. Patients always ask,“Doesn’t the fat just come back or go somewhere else?”  If done properly, then no, it should not come back.  The reason being, fat cells on those areas are different, more resistant to shrinkage with diet and exercise.  The important thing is to recognize the body type and how excess fat is distributed.

It’s All About the Proportions

Some examples are the “apple” body type, where there is excess fat around the middle and upper inner thighs, or the “pear” body, where it is mostly lower body and a thin waistline. You need to identify and treat all of the areas that are not proportionate to the body. Say you are an apple body and you only reduce the abdomen and love handles, the inner thighs will be the only remaining spot and can become even more difficult. The idea is to do all problem areas for each body type and then any offsetting weight gain will just distribute evenly throughout the body.


The Helpful, But Not Permanent Fix

Remember that liposuction by itself will not prevent weight gain or produce weight loss, but it can help control body shape.   Lipo is meant to help with specific problem areas that exercise can not get rid of. With the right body contouring surgery, you can once again, appreciate results from diet and exercise.



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